Modern environmental practices highlight recycling, recovery and alternative waste management as the predominant methods of environmental management with an emphasis on the action plan for the circular economy. In this way, natural resources are saved, while at the same time the cost of procuring new raw materials is reduced by reusing the discarded materials.

The waste of excavations, constructions and demolition of AEKK, the well-known rubble, is one of the heaviest and bulkiest produced in Greece and represents about 30% of the generated waste. Only 15% of them in our country are recycled. They consist of materials such as concrete, iron, bricks, plaster, tiles, tiles, metals, plastics and soil, ie materials that can be recycled.

Bucket rental

The company has for rent depending on the use and needs of each customer, rubbish bins and waste capacity of 7 to 8 sq.m., funnel, detachable carts, earthmoving equipment for renovations, demolition, regenerations, public constructions etc. The transfer of equipment to and from the waste production points is done in a safe way and with vehicles that have the necessary supplies and meet the requirements of the legislation as well as the regulations for the protection of the environment, in accordance with the current Greek and European legislation.

By contacting us, we will come directly to your place, to discuss your needs, to check the possibility of placing bins and to determine your charge.

Every AEKK manager or other economic agent or company, which carries out activity in violation of JM 36259/1757 / E103, is subject to fines and imprisonment of up to two years according to article 6 of Law 4042/12 "Criminal Protection of the Environment"

AEKK Recycling Unit

Contracted with an approved management system of AEKK
The company has a fully licensed unit in order to receive and manage all types of inert waste, waste from excavation, construction and demolition work (AEKK) coming from demolition, erections, oικοδομικές εργασίες, infrastructure projects , renovations, renovations etc. The waste after undergoing the appropriate processes, such as hand sorting using conveyor belt and grabbing, breaking, sieving, temporary storage, are finally disposed of for reuse or in licensed facilities with certified final recipients for recycling, recovery and alternative (paper, metals, plastic etc) in order to reduce the volume of waste, which until recently was recklessly managed in uncontrolled disposal sites or ended up in the Rethymnon landfill. The pricing of the unit follows the list of the collective system. (ΑΝΑΚΕΜ)

For the approval of works (building permit / small scale permit) it is necessary to issue a certificate of alternative waste management AEKK. For the issuance of the above certificate, the producers of AEKK are required to submit a plan for waste management (ΣΔΑ), according to art. 7 par.2 of JM 36259/2010, during the issuance of the permit and before the start of the construction works, to submit to the competent building service data for the Alternative Waste Management that will be produced from their activity and then enter into a contract with AEKK Management System (ΑΝΑΚΕΜ). During the construction, the producers must deliver the produced AEKK to a licensed unit and at the completion of the construction, they will receive from the system, the certificate of receipt of their waste.

The Company

DAMECO, Damanakis Konstantinos RETHYMNO WASTE RECYCLING, has been active in the field of transportation since 1950, with its main concern being the protection of the environment, has a license for the collection and transport of non-hazardous solid waste since 2009 and for the management and storage .

The aim of the company is the protection of public health and the environment in the context of the circular economy, the reduction of the volume of waste generated by rational management, as well as the development of new methods for the most environmentally efficient production of certified new products from waste treatment.


You can find us at the following :

  • Address of VIOPA Rethymno Ag. Triadas of Rethymno
  • Company offices I. Kondylaki 52 74132 Rethymno


  • VIOPA unit 6932480724
  • Office 2831050743

Email : info@dameco.gr